1932 Australian Bodied Cabriolet

Owners : Willa and Dallas Paul

The owners let Rich go with no boundaries on the interior. First, Rich contracted Airpoint Precision to build a one-off billet dash insert, housing the gauges, indicators, and two storage compartments hidden behind doors (look for the split next to the gauges). High Octane Blue is the color of the interior, so they decided the dash should match. Dropping down to the package tray, Rich made a stainless steel "guard rail" for the lip of the tray, it wraps around the package tray for a "Deadmans Curve" look and disappears into the radio box. The under dash also conceals all required instruments for operation. The car came to Rich in primer, so he used that opportunity to mock up a waterfall style center console in foam and then called on Carl Neeley to work his fiberglass magic on the buck. While Rich was at it, he had Carl fiberglass the door tops to wrap into the Santana designed dash. Thank you to Carl Neeley of Glaspro (530) 333-2472.