1932 Ford Three Window Custom Hot Rod

Owner: Lane Rollins

This rod was built by Gary Hopper of Nevada City. This car was built to provide miles of high horsepower, high performance with a blown small block Chevy. Gary and Lane went with Miller Speed Sport exhaust cut-outs, if you haven't seen them, they look like a giant cigar cutter, and give you the opportunity to run zoomies and traditional muffler back exhaust. When they are open, they sound like a top fuel dragster!! The interior has a contemporary look with a touch of 60's dragster. Rich hand built the bench seat to have separate buckets but fit with the style of the car. The seats have a touch of diamond pleat with a splash of French stitching and a bunch of leather thrown in for good measure. Also, the diamonds found their way on to the trunk panels and upper console. The dash also sports a hand built cap that was lightly padded and covered in leather. There is the traditional Santana under dash treatment as well. The car also sports a killer sound system that was custom painted to match the car. The trunk was also trimmed out to match the interior with leather, diamonds and stereo equipment. A neat little detail to the trunk is the cubby above the tank, it has a stainless rod to keep smaller items from falling.